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Here at Selectabroker we know it can be frustrating working with brokers who have little idea of the market in which they’re working in, and appear not to be interested in your personal specifics. With this in mind, we created a free service whereby one of our expert representatives will be ready and eager to meet with you to discuss these personal specifics so we can find you a broker of best fit with years of experience talking to lenders, to help get your options looked at as quickly as possible.

Borrowing money through a fishing boat and trawler loans service can be a complex experience, as many different aspects need to be considered, including the age of the boat, the size of the deposit, and the borrowers credit history. Working with us your broker will step in to determine loan structures so to be sure to secure the best financing option for your boat or trawler. To find out how we can make your life easier, email your enquiry to one of our expert representatives or get in touch toll free on 1300 510 045, seven days a week.



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