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Here at Selectabroker we know of the difficulties that consistently come about when trying to find the perfect mortgage or finance broker by yourself. Crawling through the junk to try to find the few quality brokers out there can be a nightmare, which is why we have created a free service whereby our expert representatives will meet with you at your convenience so to sit down with you and analyse your most important needs and wants, so we can then go away and find the perfect broker for you on your behalf.

When you choose to finance your home in this manner, you receive the benefit of paying all your income into the loan and living off your credit card, meaning you can maintain a lower loan balance. Home equity loan finance will maintain credit limit of about eighty percent of your property value, giving you access to the unused funds between the loan balance and your credit limit. To discover how we can make your life easier, email your enquiry to one of our expert representatives or get in touch toll free seven days a week on 1300 510 045.



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