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Business buyers source business specific loans because different ventures require different funding. If you’re buying a takeaway shop, the friendly consultants here at Selectabroker can help you with your borrowing needs by matching you with a private bank or lender specialising in credit for takeaway shops. Takeaway shop finance is therefore the kind of business specific credit that you’ll need to either buy an existing takeaway outlet or establish an outlet of your own from scratch. Setting up such a business venture requires adequate capital, so contact one of our representatives to find out the financing options available to you.

Lender policies generally vary from venture to venture and borrower to borrower, so sit down with one of our consultants to discuss your needs, the deposit you’re able to put down and your business and borrowing history. Selectabroker has a wealth of experience in matching borrowers to lenders, and although the current financial climate disinclines many high street banks and lenders from lending at the moment, we have a wealth of providers of takeaway shop loans to match you with. Here at Selectabroker we’re committed to helping you procure the most competitive rates, terms and conditions, so contact us today.



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