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Due to the financial outlay required to buy an existing shopping centre, take over one no longer in use or build and outfit one from scratch, credit is usually required. Here at Selectabroker we can help you with your financing needs, so give one of our responsive consultants a call to find out how we can help you to procure the finance required.

If you’re applying for credit to purchase a shopping centre you’ll require a substantial amount of equity as a deposit, plus any lender that considers offering you shopping centre finance will be interested in your borrowing and business history. This may prove problematic, though by sitting down with a loan specialist at Selectabroker you’ll soon have an understanding of what’s expected of you and the borrowing options accessible to you.

Applying for credit to acquire a shopping centre can be an intricate procedure, and to make sense of the application process that shopping centre loans entail, why not contact our knowledgeable representatives by phone? Not only can they lend a hand by matching you with a suitable lender, but they’ll also guide you through every step of the application process to keep your project running on schedule.



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