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At Selectabroker, we know that not everyone fits into the same category. For example when it comes to borrowing money for property, those working for themselves have limited options.

If you need help, we can connect you with a local broker who specialises in mortgage options for the self-employed.

Even if you have minimal documentation, there are still ways to finance a future real estate purchase through some self employed loans.

Simply send us an online enquiry and we will link you up to a local broker who knows about property loan alternatives for those running their own small businesses.

Since less proof is required during the application, these loans are seen as higher risk by most lenders. Thus, interest is typically higher than standard mortgage options with self employed finance.

Enlist some personal assistance from one of our many brokers though and you should be able to find an affordable rate.

Another reason to utilise our broker network is that most lenders only offer a limited amount of loans to those who are self-employed.

Since we can connect you with a number of experts, it will be easier to find a mortgage option that fits with your current employment status.



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